Six Sixes Challenge

Following the adoption of a new vision and development plan for Mossley Cricket Club, we need now to turn our attention to raising the funds to enable us to begin to achieve our ambitions for the club.


You will have noticed that quite a few developments have already happened, principally around the way in which members are kept informed and the club projects itself to the community via social media.  These improvements are essential to our progress as a club and we should all ensure that we make use of and respond to the various streams of information.


There has been a significant amount of work already carried out aimed at improving our coaching provision and facilities.  Inevitably, it all costs money and we need to find a significant amount in order to make those improvements.


We need all our members to play a part in realising the new vision for Mossley Cricket Club.  Like any club, it takes a lot more than simply turning up on match day to keep the club afloat let alone develop.


There are numerous ways in which members can make a contribution and over the next few months we will be announcing what opportunities are available.  In the meantime, if you have any ideas and better still, want to become involved in running a fund raising event, please get in touch.

Like the great Sir Garfield Sobers, we are looking to hit six sixes by raising £36,000 over the next two years through sponsorship, fund raising and securing grants.  This is a significant amount but it is achievable as other clubs locally have shown.


£7,700 Raised so far

Target        £36,000

Thanks to the endeavours and generosity of members, we have so far raised a total of £7,700.  The money has been raised from grants, sponsorship, donations, a sponsored walk, the sale of refreshments, car stickers and various raffles.  In memory of our dear friend, Chris ‘Lowbo’ Lowe, we received a generous donation from the Lowe family who continue to support the club in many ways.

We are very keen to set up a fundraising group who will organise a few events to raise money for the club.  If you are willing to get involved, please contact the club by email or speak to one of the Officers.

A huge “thank you” to everyone who has help so far.  With your continued support we will hit six sixes to reach our target of £36,000.

The help us with fundraising or sponsorship please click here.

If you would like to make a cash donation no matter how big or small please visit our donations page by clicking here.