Members pitch in to help prepare for new season

With the 2018 season just around the corner, work on sprucing up the club’s pavilion began in earnest on Saturday 10th February. 

A decent turnout from members meant that a good deal of progress was achieved on day 1 of the makeover.

Armed with filling knives and pots of filler, Steve Austin and Carl Nancollas set to work repairing cracked and dented walls.  Meanwhile, Gareth Cresswell and Laura Griffiths picked up sponges and buckets and cleaned down the paintwork.

Chris Lowe made light work of glossing the doors and Tony Brown completed a job begun some years back by grouting the tiles in the kitchen.  The effervescent Pecker multi tasked, climbing up onto the roof to repair some broken tiles and then made some alterations to the cupboards and work surface in the kitchen.

Adrian French arrived to size up some exciting ideas he has to make the pavilion a little more cosy and welcoming as well as functional.  Lunch arrived just before 1pm courtesy of Anne Carney who had prepared a magnificent, homemade spread of soup, sausage rolls, sandwiches and muffins.  Unfortunately, Carl is in the middle of his pre-season fitness regime and ate his diet cuppa soup.

After lunch, Laura and Steve managed to paint the ceiling, their coats and anything else within range! Throughout the day, foreman Barry Carney made some strategic contributions but mostly spent the time finding jobs for everyone else!

With the radio blasting, the usual Mossley banter and good humour, the day passed by very quickly but a great start was made and all the time consuming prep work completed. 

A huge thanks to all who contributed.

The next makeover day on 24th February 2018 starting at 10am through to

Once the better weather arrives we have quite a lot of work to do outside.  The Club needs a big turn-out for that.