MCC Launches its Six Sixes Challenge!

Following the adoption of a new vision and development plan, Mossley Cricket Club have now turned their attention to raising the funds to enable them to begin to achieve their ambitions for the club.


Recently, the club laid out its new vision which is to transform Mossley Cricket Club into a centre of excellence, attracting talent from the local area and providing an inclusive ethos in which all are welcome to enjoy cricket in the true spirit of the game.


There has been a significant amount of work already carried out aimed at improving their coaching provision and facilities.  Inevitably, this all costs money and Mossley need to find a significant amount in order to make those improvements.


There are numerous ways in which people can make a contribution.  Mossley have already launched a range of sponsorship packages aimed at local businesses who can benefit from the growing exposure the club is now receiving following the implementation of a new website and growing social media presence.  Over the next few months, Mossley will be announcing a range of social events and fundraising activities and they would like invite the people of Congleton to get involved and be part of their local village team. 


Like the great Sir Garfield Sobers, Mossley are looking to hit six sixes by raising £36,000 over the next two years through sponsorship, fund raising and securing grants.  This is a significant amount but they feel it is achievable as other clubs locally have shown.


Even though this new initiative has just been launched, Mossley have already made a start, albeit a modest one, and have raised £3,250 through sponsorship and grants.  They now need to secure your support to help raise the remaining £32,750! 

If you would like to sponsor Mossley or get involved with fundraising then please get in touch via the website