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Social Media Etiquette

Can all Club Officials and Members of Mossley Cricket Club please be aware of rule 1.1.11 from the league handbook. All clubs have been contacted by the league and requested to make you aware of this rule.

Please take the time to read the below as punishments for breaches could include player suspensions or clubs being deducted points.

1.1.11 The League actively encourages the use of Websites and other Social Media facilities and readily appreciates that they are very efficient, quick and cost effective communication tools. On the other hand, we are equally aware of unacceptable usage which can give rise to anxiety, embarrassment and offence. Clubs should be very clear that they have a duty to make their members aware that the League will not tolerate incidents which might be classed as follows :-

• Offensive

• Indecent

• Threatening

• False

• Distressing

• Embarrassing

The League reserves the right to take action against Clubs, officials or players for breaches of acceptable comment

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