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Safeguarding our future! Child Welfare Update July 2018

Child Welfare Officer’s Statement:

“We are extremely lucky to be in a position where our junior section is growing fast! We must remember that the junior members of our club, are the future of our club, and we must look after them accordingly! As a club, we want to inspire our junior members and encourage all our members to remember that a junior member’s early experiences will remain with them always and will often determine whether they want to remain playing the game or give up and do something else! As senior players and role models, we must set the standard and always act in the best interests of our juniors”

It is imperative that we adhere to the ECB’s safe hands policy, Mossley Cricket Club Code of Conduct and follow the guidelines appropriately, including and not limited to:

  • Display high standards of behaviour; think about who is watching you or listening to your conversation and the language you use and is it appropriate for U18s?

  • Never punish or belittle a junior for losing or making mistakes; that is ultimately how we learn!

  • Consider any photographs you take, what is their purpose and do they adhere to the club’s policies?

We must:

  • Encourage our juniors! Be supportive, at all times, for all forms of effort even when they are not successful.

  • Recognise the positive experience young players should have in open age cricket.

Lets make MCC a safe and inclusive environment for ALL our members!

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