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2018 World Cup Sweepstake

Mossley Cricket Club are running a world cup sweepstake, entry is £3 per team and you can enter at Junior training on Friday 8th June, during the 1st XI or 2nd XI matches on Saturday 9th June (let the vice captain know you wish to enter) or by sending your details (name and contact number) via email to admin@mossleycricketclub.co.uk. If you enter via email please make sure you pay your entry fee to an MCC committee member.

The rules of the competition are as follows: -

Entry - £3 per team


Winner - £35

Worst Team - £13


Pay £3 to get added on the players list, draw takes place on Saturday 9th June after the 2nd XI home game.

The draw will be done as follows: -

32 balls will be added to a bingo machine, each number will be associated against a team.

Player 1 on the list will get the first ball drawn and their name will be associated with the team relating to that number for example first ball drawn is number 6 and that number is associated with England then they will be allocated that team.

We will work down the list of entries until all 32 players have had a ball drawn and a team allocated.

The winner is the team which wins the 2018 world cup, the worst team will be decided as the team with the lowest points and worst goal difference during the group stage, in the case of a tie then the team with the worst group result will be declared the winner (well loser but you win!!)

i.e three teams have zero points and all have a minus 5 goal difference, team 1 lost 3 nil, team 2 lost 4 nil and team 3 lost 4-1, the worst team would be team 2.

Players and Teams Notification

Once the draw has taken place a full list of players along with teams drawn will be published via the MCC website, twitter page, facebook page along with being posted in the Junior and Senior WhatsApp groups.

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