Mossley Cricket Club Fantasy Cricket League

Do you have what it takes to become the Next FCL Champion?

Now you have the chance to decide which 6 players will make it to your final team selection and win a nice shiny trophy and a prize!

Who will score the most runs?  How many wickets will Tony Brown get?  Which of the new players do you think will hit the ground running?  Will anybody pick a team without Gaz in it?  All these questions and more currently remain unanswered!


You can enter a team for just a £10 donation and try to be the season champion and win a fantastic trophy and prize.

All proceeds raised from this game go towards our Six Sixes Challenge total.

Full rules can be found here and you can change your team by clicking here.

Any questions on the Mossley Fantasy Cricket League can be emailed by clicking here.

Have fun and good luck!


Actual trophy may vary :)

To enter the Mossley Cricket Club Fantasy Cricket League please click the PayPal donate button below and pay your £10 entry fee.

You can enter more than 1 team if you wish, please see the rules for full details.