Mossley Cricket Club will be running a series of competitions and prize draws throughout the season.


Keep checking back to see what you could win and also a list of previous competition winners.

2018 World Cup Sweepstake

View the draw as it happened by watching the video.

The results are as follows: -

Midge - Morocco
Gareth Cresswell - Croatia
Will Peterson - Australia
Gareth Cresswell - Portugal
Ryan Speak - Columbia
Ryan Speak - Argentina
George Gittins - Mexico
Barry Carney - Costa Rica
Midge - France
James Lawton - Tunisia
Laura Griffiths - England
Rob Lowe - Panama
Richard Garnsey - Peru
Steve Bailey - Switzerland
Louise Peterson - Brazil
Ryan Speak - South Korea
Ryan Speak - Belgium
Ryan Speak - Spain
Rob Mellor - Germany
Peter Lawton - Egypt
Ray Lowe - Japan
Pat Moss - Iran
Duncan Galbraith - Serbia
Lauren O'Reilly - Nigeria
Steve Austin - Uruguay
Andy Simms - Poland
Pat McDonnell - Russia
Charles Wright - Iceland

Steve Peterson - Denmark
Tony Brown - Sweden
Disco Dave - Senegal
Carl Nancollas - Saudi Arabia

2018 World Cup Sweepstake - Winners

Overall winner: -

France - Midge

Winner of Worst Team and the grand sum of £13 is Rob Lowe with Panama with 0 points and -9 goal difference

Competition Results

Junior Bat Draw - March 2018

The draw for the Junior Bat competition took place after training on Wednesday 7th March.  

The draw was made by Ross Kesteven from Sports Coaching North West in front of some excited junior players, the winning ticket owner was Mark Butler whose son Billy is now the proud owner of a new bat.

We would like to say a big thank you to Ross at Sports Coaching North West for the donation of the bat and also to everybody who took part in the draw. 


As a result of everybody's generosity we managed to raise £39 which will go towards our Six Sixes Challenge total.