History of Mossley Cricket Club

Although formed in 1967, playing at the Moss Road ground, Mossley Cricket Club is known to have existed much earlier. There is evidence of a Mossley team having played at Henshall Hall in the early 1900s and in the early 1960s Mossley Cricket Club were playing "home" games at Murgatroyds Chemicals. At that time, well-known local architect Gordon Ball was Chairman and was very instrumental in setting up the club. All the games were friendly games.


The club located to its present position at Moss Road in  1967 to what was then a farmer's field owned by local builder Bill Pedley. Gradually it was transformed into a cricket pitch with stalwart Frank Speak acting as groundsman, the "get it done" man. Players at the time included: Bert Meakin, Frank Speak, Neville Sibilia, Tony Livingstone, Pat Higginson, Brian Jackson, Ken Snelgrove and present Club President John Beardmore.


Mossley Cricket Club joined the Cheshire Conference League in 1973 fielding 2 teams with John Beardmore 1st team Captain. Success followed the following season when Mossley Cricket Club came Runners up. By 1977 both teams were well established with weekly reports in the Chronicle stimulating interest.

A major coup at this time was the capture of enigmatic All-Rounder Dave Miller from Macclesfield. Dave became known for his outstanding ability: bowling long spells, regularly taking 5/6 wickets; being a prolific and flamboyant middle-order batsman and added to this an excellent fielder. Dave unsurprisingly was a regular member of the league eleven.


Around this time Mossley acquired the original pavilion: the clubhouse from Congleton Golf Club. This was transported on a trailer to the Moss Road ground causing traffic havoc in the process with a number of trees and lampposts under threat!


By this time new faces were beginning to appear on the team sheet: New Captain Howard Cartlidge...unfortunately now remembered for having whole teeth knocked out at Wilmslow (no helmets in those days!!!); present treasurer John Davies; Dave Moss; Steve Povey; Jack Corrie; Pete Howell and present Chairman Steve Austin.


Local businessman Neil Kippen captained the second team and with his reliable vice-captain Steve Bailey led the team to the Runners Up spot. Players at this time included Simon Rosson; Alan Carmen; Ron Tweats (who went on to play well into his 60s and is now a league umpire); John Peever; Ashleigh Wood (who also went onto umpire); Martin Ball; Tony Brown... Mr Mossley himself!!!! and club secretary/coach Patrick Moss who won the league bowling award in 1988.

Celebrations in the Grapes pub on a Saturday night were legendary. ‘Jive Talking’ the speciality!


The Clubhouse lasted until 1994 when it was destroyed by fire and with the club practically on its knees player and local businessman Stuart Seddon came to Club's rescue with the loan of 3 container cabins which we were able to use as "changing rooms"... a fact that didn't go down too well with some opposing teams. However, by 1997, mainly down to the work of treasurer John Davies in obtaining funds from the Foundation for Sports and Arts, the club were able to celebrate the opening of a new Pavilion with an open day and a game involving older and then present players.


A major development took place in 2006 when legendary player Adrian Austin decided to form a junior section. What began with one junior team soon blossomed into a thriving part of the club. Adrian with his infectious enthusiasm was able to enlist the help of like-minded people who acted as junior coaches: Phil Stirk; Nick Cartwright; Peter Goodwin; Richard Jones; John Wilcock; Vinny Simmons; Stuart Doy and Andy Frost. Adrian also embarked on the onerous task of obtaining Clubmark status for the club...a great achievement!!!

Phil even took the U15s to Sedbergh School in Cumbria for a cricket festival.

Several of those youngsters are now still with the club over 10 years on: Gareth Cresswell (present 1st team captain); Charles Wright; Callum Mckinlay; Tom Trevers; and Peter and Nathan Stirk


By 2006 Andy Sadler was 1st team captain. Andy unknown to anyone at the club arrived at the club one dreary morning and before long was captaining a successful team, improving the pavilion and organising training. Suddenly the cricket became serious!!! In 2008 Mossley won the CCA Division 3 with numerous runs scored, centuries and exciting games.

Players at this time included: Dave Bostock; Alex Haynes; Big Hitter Chris ‘Lowebo’ Lowe; Andy Best; Howard Barnes; Fast bowling legend Rob Mellor; South African bowler Brett Kinsey along with Mossley stalwarts: Adrian, Patrick and Tony. Dave Gregson made guest appearances.


An all-weather pitch was installed in 2008...now used by the juniors and a godsend for training nights.  Also in this era, England, Deaf cricketer Chris Harrison represented the club and took the name of Mossley overseas.

Mossley were also the first team to field 3 ladies in the same team in Season 2014.

Mossley have also formed a firm partnership with the Vale Club in Congleton where many events are held and all family members are welcome.


Presently Mossley Cricket Club relies on a committed group of people: Tony Brown; Patrick Moss; John Davies; Phil Stirk; Peter Goodwin; Andy Frost; Graham and Gareth Cresswell; Charles Wright; Barry Carney; Richard Mort; Adrian who still oversees Clubmark and Steve Austin, without whom the club would fold.


We are always seeking new blood: help with the juniors is constantly needed, players of all ages, help on the ground... virtually any involvement would be greatly appreciated.

Mossley Cricket Club Members

Vision Statement

Our aim is to transform Mossley Cricket Club into a centre of excellence, attracting talent from the local area and providing an inclusive ethos in which all are welcome to enjoy cricket in the true spirit of the game.

You can find full details of our Club Development Plan by clicking here.

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